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Here's my story;

The name is Leah.
This is Myface
San Diego. 22.
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I’ve had food poisoning for the past two days. First meal back in the game 👌 #tacoselgordo #addicted #tacos #favoritefood #adobada (at Taco’s El Gordo)

I made the love of my life (@eilenemachine) a pair of Pocahontas Mickey ears because they don’t make them. It was supposed to be for Christmas but my loud mouth self can’t keep it closed. I hope you like it ma 😘 #Pocahontas #disney #mickeyears #diy #imacraftymothafucka #stillneedsfeathers #meeko

Thai tea macaron ice cream sandwich. At Milk in Fairfax, Los Angeles. Real ness. #icecream #milk #la #thaitea #macron (at Milk Shop)

At a Cuban bakery in LA with my love, eating a Napoleon and drinking cafe con leche. I’m in paradise 😍 (at Café Tropical - Cuban Bakery)


Seance by Stephen Mackey


I’m bad at things


"She was the still point of the turning world."

(via misscalliste, remuslupinly)


Can everyone please start proactively telling their white girl friends not to do dia de los muertos facepaint for halloween, especially white folks telling other white folks. I know it’s early september but you can never start to early on curtailing this bullshit. 


The Bust of Nefertiti - detail.