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Here's my story;

The name is Leah.
This is Myface
San Diego. 22.
Culinary Student.
This is My Food
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White tuna, we meet again. #sushi #whitetuna #food (at Katsura Sushi Bar)



Praying Mantis Rides Snail Through Borneo Jungle. (Photos by Nordin Seruyan/Barcroft Media)

this is so beautiful holy crap



she is SIXTEEN

she also got shot in the HEAD and LIVED

And if he falls in love tonight, it can be assumed.
His carefree days with us are history.
In short, our pal is doomed.

"You know you’re on the right track when you become uninterested in looking back."

Unknown  (via shrjbk)


Wild Flowers Where to find them and how to know them 

beautiful Victorian book c1875

Smoked pork belly with barbecue demi glaze with two over easy eggs and potato scallion cakes. Holy fuck me. #greatmaple #breakfast #treatyoself (at Great Maple)